Traffic flooding problems with Facebook, everything goes to risk image

Traffic flooding problems with Facebook, everything goes to risk

What are the biggest problems you remember having with Facebook over the past 3 years?

Team Lead (Nutra):

“Hello everyone!

Every year FB adds updates on bans, in general they always alternate. It’s rare for Facebook to have everything go away completely. The last time this happened was at the beginning of this year. This year, in January-February, we launched very well, fan pages did not fly away, there were no problems.

And in recent years, around 2020, there were constant policies, the solution to this was launches from BMs, but then FB introduced a topic to confirm domains through business managers.

In 2021 there was the most difficult period, FI was very high. After a month, I had, perhaps, only six cabinets, the problem was solved using the FP PZRD. But even then they found advantages, the auction was empty and the overlooked offices were spinning with excellent performance. The competition was low, the call centers were hungry, the leads were calling well, and therefore it was possible to make money during this period.

Over the past two years, risks and holdings have increased. It is also clear that FB is struggling with first billing and non-payments. Now payments are at the peak of risk.”


What are the reasons for bans that contribute to the appearance of various storms and can they be tied to seasonality or world events?

Team Lead (Nutra):

“The main reason for bans is you and me. FB must fight with arbitrage traders because of the bays of off-white niches. FB needs not only to make money from us, although we provide a very large income, but also for the platform to be relevant, so that people have an interesting time, there is no advertising every second post and so that users do not switch to other platforms. Therefore, FB gives good indicators - good advertising that people like; and the worst indicators - a bad program.

Nowadays there are many specialists who bypass various aspects of the FB and have unrealistic amounts on the first bill, then do not pay these billings, and therefore the FB begins to add risks.

Another cause of storms can be world events, for example, large-scale updates in the United States, presidential elections, Senate elections, this always adds a storm. 3-4 years ago there was a scandal, namely forgery/over-advertising for certain candidates, so during some serious elections the FB throws up problems.” 


Team Lead (Gambling)

“You can always find a bypass, but in order not to look for it, you can always upload from agent accounts. Right now I am practicing this.


How do agent accounts help bypass all these issues, how do they differ from standard accounts?

Team Lead (Nutra):

“You can launch from an agent account and it will give you 5k-10k, and even more. And a regular account, the same cars or more trust accounts will earn a maximum of 1k-2k in gambling. Plus, you don’t need to link cards, you are given ready access, go in, launch and that’s it. But there is one drawback - you have to give away a percentage of the spend.

If we are talking about the total number of launches, completely random, then now I think about 15-20% take place. But if you find launch systems, what improves these passages is the risk of payment, at least 50-60% is launched.”


Team Lead (Gambling):

“I can say that 70% definitely passes.

Agent accounts are a cool topic if your ROI allows you to pay a commission. And you must understand that almost always you will not be allowed to drop on billing. I’m not talking about the first white guy, but when he unscrews $400. On regular accounts, if advertising is no longer very profitable, you throw away, say, 400 dollars for white; with agent accounts you won’t be able to do this, that is, you won’t be able to make extra money.

As for drawdowns, everyone is starting to test different options to find a working set up. This all takes money and time, and therefore when such storms begin, the team, like solo buyers, experiences a drawdown.”


Does the problem affect risks and Facebook in general?on the team, and how are you trying to deal with it?

“Of course, problems have a strong impact, one might say that when a severe storm begins, we cannot start. We are looking for new approaches and therefore a lot of expenses are spent on bones. The drawdown can be 3-5 days.”


What needs to be done to improve the launch percentage numbers?

Team Lead (Nutra)

“If you take a period of six months to a year, then Nutra wins in terms of penetration, because Nutra is more light than gambling, there are no attachments in it, links work better.

We must understand that for every ban, as a rule, there is a reason. 

If we talk about risks, then the main causes of risks are payment services and proxies (two main points). The account trust is also affected by what you upload. 

But if you see that your risks are starting to fly, change payment methods and proxies, try different linking methods (before the upload or during the upload). When you are already running advertising, try knitting cards through a fan page or knitting through Facebook Helper, through the support button in billing or through the business manager. If you are uploading from BM with RK, then first we knit on BM, and then on the advertising office, think about whether to give it a “holding” or not, change different foams, try payment cards from different GEOs. 

It’s a good option when, under the GEO account, you take currency and payment from this country too. This will all take some time/cost, so first you can try the same payments that worked well for you before and link them to other bins. If you worked, for example, with wi-fi, you need to try a proxy. To start, use your own hotspot from your smartphone, or immediately buy different proxies that are more trustworthy. I'm not talking about proxies for $2 a month, it's better to use better ones. 

You also need to test different GEOs, try, for example, first Ukraine, then European proxies. 

You also need to communicate in chats, because sometimes there are not greedy people who find information and share it. Or someone will at least give you a hint in the chat and you will understand what direction to work in. 

If we talk about today, now US accounts work well, when we take autoregistration or US pharma, and also US payment. Not all of them go well, but then at least the cards fit and fit well. 

Also, as an option, we can improve the linking percentage when we link through a fan page, not through billing. Who doesn’t know how to do this: go to funk, find any post, click boost/promote, and at the bottom of the page there will be a sticky map.”


Team Lead (Gambling):

“We have, plus or minus, similar “setups”, also USA accounts, USA bins, but just before the launch we launch a post to promote the FP for one dollar a day, when the FP is put on promotion, then advertising is put on review and after which we launch gambling.” 


What methods of dealing with the error of writing off a hold?

“This is an important point, because the risks may not take place or you somehow passed them. If the risk has failed, it is not always possible to bury the account. About 20% are out of risk, and, as an option, you can write to support.

If we have no risk, then we often have holds, this is when we have a freeze. This is when the advertisement is active, but there is no opening and in our billing there is a sign: “Failed to write off funds.” And there are two buttons: “try again” and “add payment method.”

As a rule, if you click “try again,” even though you have $1,000,000 on your balance, nothing will work.


The main reason: the fan page has flown away, and FB doesn’t quite understand this. Then you check the fan page, it is not on the ZRD, and if it is on the ZRD, then you re-upload the advertisement to the active fan page, and then this block will disappear.

Another option is to transplant and make a few changes in the advertising campaign or simply duplicate it. Go to ADS, change the name, picture, some text and send it back for moderation. If everything is fine, the fan page is alive, then this die will disappear and the screwdriver will start when you pass moderation. This works 60% of the time. But it also happens that no matter what you do, it still won’t work.


The last year and a half, when risks and holds began, the FB does not always make correct comments and does not always work correctly. Previously, when the funk flew away, it 100% went to stop. Now this doesn’t always work anymore; FB has broken down over time. But a solution can always be found.”


Why do you need a limit on BM? Is there no difference between 50 and 250?

“You’re the one who buys such accounts.”

There are social accounts where this limit comes immediately after linking the card. This is a trust account. There are BM accounts, you buy them, they are more expensive, they are of better quality.

You buy 250, which means the limit remains at 250. It’s just that you bought such a consumable.

This topic appeared a year ago, then you link a card and everything is good.

Apparently, FB also doesn’t understand what’s going on. If we take one country, the limit remains the same, but on some accounts the unlimited limit drops. FB displays incorrectly or there is not enough trust, we link the card, and this is a difficult action. And it turns out that this trust is subsiding.”


What to do with a drop in billing, what options are there?

“If you work with autoregs, then there is a very small percentage of situations where the beater falls. I won’t say that it’s really massive, so there’s no special solution.

If the beater falls precisely after unscrewing, then this is influenced by the trust of consumables. 

An important point is if you forgot to top up your balance, and someone tried to debit your funds. FB now often makes test samples, for example, billing 50, and he wants to write off 17 dollars and check if you want to leave him. Therefore, if there is a balance, then billings will not often drop.


I have good accounts where I leave a good balance. It’s always there and they’re like in a pharmacy: 15, 25, 35, 50, 75, and even once it was 125. And so it goes on and on until I pay. And when it is not paid, the limits do not increase.


But now I also notice: if there are many accounts on one card and somewhere the payment did not go through, this affects the remaining accounts. 

Therefore, if you have good accounts, or you want to play on a large scale and for a long time, or increase your billing to 900, then we take one card per account and high-quality consumables. And then you won’t have any problems with billing.”


Please give me a simple connection to get started, I want to start with a minimal and reliable ROI?

“Our managers can provide cool connections around the Bay, so you can register in our affiliate program ONE PARTNERS and our manager will provide a cool connection.”


If there are risks in renting, is there a solution to avoid these risks?

“Renting is also FB accounts, only from more trustworthy ones, so there should be an order of magnitude less risks there. 

If the lease is bad, not a trust, very recent or in some old year, and you tie a card there on the first day, it will be a ban or a 100% risk. Therefore, if I were you, I would first stay on the rental for two days, 3-5 minutes each. You can create funk, without unnecessary things: adding comments, friends, something easy, sit in groups, watch, and on the third day try to knit.


Like we said: knit through the fan page, warm up the funk for a few dollars, which reduces the risk, and then launch.”


How to submit the risk form correctly?

“If you are filling up gambling, then I don’t see the point in applying. We don't do that.

If you filled out the form, then we don’t even give 1% that it will pass.

You must decide: you want to spend time or money. If you have a working connection, then you don’t need to waste your time on this, try to go out, then come in and see if it worked or not. It's better to take another account and move on. 

Unless you have a car for 50 cents and a good account, then you can try writing to support or submitting through the form that you already want.


For example, you choose that you have been traveling for the last 60 days and write a comment in English. There are even texts prepared for these processes on the Internet. Upload the text in English and there may be 15-20% fewer exits. But if there is a positive connection, then I don’t recommend wasting time on it.”

Traffic Upload Problems from Facebook, Everything Flies to Risks

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