Spain: Discovering the hottest horizons under the gambling offer image

Spain: Discovering the hottest horizons under the gambling offer

The language of Spain is not only sketches of Antoni Gaudi's architectural masterpieces or the deliciousness of paella, but also the language of numbers, where every click, transition and search creates a landscape of possibilities. From the Sagrada Familia to electronic payment systems, every element of Spanish culture inspires and drives traffic online.

In our case study, together we'll delve into analysing the trends that make Spain a land of promise, recreating the harmony of successful media buying in this sunny corner of Europe.

Vertical: gambling
Offer: Playregal | Android / IOS
Geo: Spain
Platform: FB apps
Period: 01.07-31.07
Costs: $9 081
Revenue: $13 600
Profit: $4 519
ROI: 50%

Case statistics:

one partners

Choice of GEO:

Spain, a country that on the surface resembles a palette of colourful emotions and excitement. Beneath the palette of this state of mysterious Spanish delight lie hundreds of possibilities for those who seek to feel the soul of this country through the prism of its geographical expressions.

On the one hand, it is a country with a centuries-old history rich in tradition, and on the other hand, it is a modern and dynamic nation.

It should be emphasised that sport is of great importance to the culture and society in this country. One of the most popular sports is football. Spain is famous for its football team "Football Association of Spain" (RFEF) and the professional league "La Liga" in which the best clubs in the world compete, such as “Barcelona”, “Real Madrid”, “Atletico Madrid” and others. Therefore, it is not surprising that Spanish people are very much rooting for their national teams.

Gambling is also an important part of the entertainment industry in Spain. One of the most famous places is "Casino de Barcelona", located in the historic centre of the city. Here guests can enjoy a variety of gambling games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and others.

Therefore, there are online gambling platforms that allow players to bet on sporting events and gamble over the internet, which is of course the impetus for not passing by this GEO and creating your own success story in it.

Choice of an offer:

To fully get into this case study, you need to research the offer itself.

So, Play Regal Casino has established itself in the online gambling market in 2021.

This new online casino features a collection of games with almost 1 000 game titles, including popular live casino games. Its multilingual platform is easily accessible through a mobile app that offers a wide range of instant games. In addition, the casino offers 100% cashback and various bonuses.

Traffic source:

We have effectively used, are using and will continue to use Facebook applications as our primary traffic platform. This decisive choice has been emphasised by several key factors and advantages, given their popularity in Spain and the specificities of the chosen offerer.

Creative selection process:

Spain is quite a complex GEO, it needs a special approach and a lot of tests. It is important to choose the right creo, pay attention to the branding and test different variants. But, as always, we didn't think too much about it, we took +- similar approaches as before.

What did we pay attention to?

First of all, we paid considerable attention to both video and static images, as both of these formats have shown themselves well in this region. In the case of static content, we focused on images of girls. However, this time we decided to use a more cartoonish style with the same bright yellow and red shades that are popular among Spanish people. Additionally, we introduced gambling fitch elements and bonus features.

As for the videos, we continued to use a similar style, utilising slot games and spinners with bonus features. We decided to stay in the same colour tones to create unity between static and dynamic content.

Overall, our approach was to carefully plan and adapt the content to the specific preferences of the Spanish audience, focusing on the use of cartoon elements, bright colours and advanced gamification.

Creo static, red/yellow colour, cartoon girls


Example video creative for Spain:


How did you set up advertising campaigns?

Pouring from agent offices on the event in the mobile app – purchase. We performed optimisation measures when deploying advertising cabinets. We monitored metrics and ad sets in general.

As for the applications, we mainly used WWA as in the previous cases presented.

Now a little bit about the install and its cost. In general, the price of the install varied from 4.5 to 5 $. As for the playsets, we directed to auto, followed by screening.

You may ask why we did this?
It's all to remove unnecessary traffic.

For Spain, we decided to exclusively take Android version 10 and above. But the main feature of this bay was that we completely switched off tablets. As for our target audience, when analysing this GEO, the main one was exclusively men between the ages of 20 and 50 inclusive. The flood was for a wide audience.


Having already made a number of launches in Spain, our team came to such a conclusion that this country is quite a gambling GEO. However, this does not make it easy to get into it, because it will be quite difficult for a newcomer to find an approach.

Let's say that this is true for all GEOs. When analysing approaches and information on any GEO, one can always find a cool approach. After all, whoever is really looking, sooner or later will find it. The main thing is not to give up and analyse each of your launches.


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