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Triple-digit ROI in the UK: a case study you want to replicate

Our latest Facebook gambling case is one of the examples that can be shown to newcomers. Do you still have scepticism about Facebook? Are you afraid to bet on Tier 1, in particular, the UK? Read this article to the end. If you’re not sceptical, read it too and don’t be afraid to repeat it.


Vertical: gambling

Offer: Vegasplus Casino | Android / IOS

Geo: United Kingdom

Platform: Facebook apps

Test period: 01.09-30.09

Costs: $2,530

Profit: $6,500

ROI: 157%

Case statistics:


Choice of GEO:

Great Britain belongs to Tier 1. About 60% of the country’s population is aged 16 to 65. It is possible to make high profits from traffic here, but it is not easy to work in the United Kingdom. The main reasons are high competition among advertisers and media buyers, as well as legislation that restricts the advertising of certain types of goods and services.

At the same time, gambling in the country is strictly regulated but allowed. Another thing is that the residents of the UK have seen a lot of advertising, so it is not so easy to attract their attention to new online casinos.

Choice of an offer:

The offer is presented by Vegasplus Casino, which has been operating on the market since 2019. The advertiser is licensed in Curacao.

Traffic source:

Facebook remains the most popular social network in the British Isles. About 70% of all Internet users in the UK are registered on Facebook, and it is mostly a solvent audience. 

Process of creative selection:

The UK is definitely not a GEO where creatives can be done on the “knee”. We created compelling videos using the news format and involving media personalities. Traditionally, visualisation of a possible prize – in our case, a car that the hero of the video gives to his beloved – shows good results.

An example of creatives:

How were the ad campaigns set up?

How were the ad campaigns set up, which helped to achieve a three-digit ROI?

WWA apps were used for the campaign. Placement was Facebook for Android 10+. 

We expected a good response to our creatives from different user groups, so we showed ads to a wide audience – men aged 22 to 60.

In the end, the price per install was $3.6, and the ROI was 157%.


Tier 1 geo-targeting can deliver fantastic results, as this case study proved. In this case, literally all factors played an important role: the quality of the offer, creatives, settings, and the right placement. The choice of a fairly wide audience in the UK did not prevent us from getting a high envelope.

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