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The place of creatives in the era of the battle for traffic

Where to get ideas for creatives – what to get inspired by, where to look, who to follow? 

To begin with, you can look at creatives on spy services – there you will find creatives used by other media buyers. 

You can send us a request and we will show you what creatives are being used on these GEOs. 

I also recommend studying the Facebook library – you can track the most recent creatives there (spy services do not immediately include creatives, they may be a bit outdated and do not convert as well). 

You can easily choose something good and working.

When choosing images, pay attention to the country for which you will be making the creo. For example, the above examples work in the CIS, Balkan countries, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

We would like to add that many people rework creatives for their own offers – they simply take a creative and make something similar. However, using spy services and downloading creatives from there will never hit the envelope. 

Of course, many people pay attention to their normal life, to what interests them, to techniques and approaches in advertising, subscribe to marketers and designers, and thus find ideas. The main thing is not to forget about the differences between creatives for marketers and media buyers. 

If the muse flatly refuses to come, it’s hard to come up with something – go for a walk, see how other products are advertised, look at billboards and banners, pay attention to the appearance of people. This should help in the future.

How to determine the target audience for a gambling offer and how does the creative depend on it? 

It is believed that the majority of players are men. However, the situation is a bit more interesting.

Tier 3 is really dominated by male players, who more often go to the casino not to enjoy the game, but to make a quick buck. Such traffic is not suitable for an advertiser, it belongs to scheme traffic. However, it is possible to work with creatives to make these people stay longer to play, rather than bring a few quid, leave and do not return. 

Let’s say an advertiser needs users to play more often, make more deposits, and stay as long as possible. What approaches are better to use if this is a circuitous traffic, which is creative to make the player come back again and again?

Of course, in such a case you need to work out a good funnel, but a lot depends on the creative too. 

You should not write on the creative that the player will earn a million dollars in 5 seconds, it will definitely not lead to good things. Images of colourful life, expensive cars, money – it helps people to click through to you or write to you if it’s circuitous traffic. It’s also important to run a page if you have a funnel through Instagram. 

Basically it all depends on how you handle the players. But again, don’t say “you deposit this amount now and earn 10 times more in 5 minutes”. I give about 70% guarantee that after such promises, the player will not return, because we all know that the casino is very difficult to beat, and if it is possible to do – then not for long. 

Rich people do not chase earnings, but they are a “gold mine”. They fly in, make a normal cash register and all the traffic pays off. It’s cool if you get such clients, but it happens rarely. 

It’s also important to avoid poor audiences – students, the unemployed, and so on. They don’t have the money to come back, they can make a minimum deposit and quickly drain everything. 

So it’s important to consider demographics, gender and age in order to create a cool creative. I recommend creating multiple creatives so you don’t miss out on a certain segment of the population – these can be separate creatives for women, men, older audiences, and youth. This way, by running multiple creatives that target different population groups, you’re sure not to miss anyone.

What are the most common mistakes when creating gambling creatives?

The first mistake is borrowing creatives

Often creatives are taken from spy services, the background is changed and that’s it. Of course, it can work, but the probability is 50%. If you like a certain creative, it’s better to analyse it, look at the slot. Perhaps, something in it is better to replace, remove or add for your offer. You should also pay attention to the currency, which is presented in the creative, the colours. For some countries it is important – for example, for Ireland to choose green colours. If you insert a flag in the creo – check if it is correct.    

Another common mistake is not having a call to action

You should definitely provide a place for a call to action. Adding bonuses also works. This technique converts well, helps to move to the casino and acquire a deposit.

How important a role does local currency and amount play on creatives?

It’s very important. If I was a player and I received information in a push notification about the bank charging me money in a currency not of my country – I would not like it very much. It would raise doubts already when I look at the creative. And the person has to go all the way from creative to prelending, landing page and making a deposit.  

How do creatives work with fun, music – how important is that?

More often than not they use overused emotions – it’s worth looking for a different one or shooting something unique that no one has seen. Then a person will be interested in clicking through your creative.

Let’s say you take an offer with a very cool creative from Brazil, and it depicts some famous person – a football player, a singer, and so on. But the affiliate forbids using the image. What to do – not to use such a creative or to trick the affiliate and run it?

I would advise you to make your own video. 

Make your own cool video – it will work much better than used emotions or famous people. It’s better to devote a little time to it, but beyond that you’ll be sure you’re doing well. 

And one more recommendation: 

Which gambling funnel is effective in creatives? What are the features, ways to create one? 

A funnel consists of a creative, a prelending, a landing page, and this all together should give out a good conversion rate. Since we work with gambling people, and for them the impulse, the first impression is important, we need to push them to the first purchase in the right way. It is important to have a good creative, prelending with an opportunity to win something, and a landing on which a person understands at a glance how to make a deposit. 

On the prelending you can use different techniques to keep the player, but in any case you need to entertain him, make him feel like a winner to ignite his desire to play further.

If he goes to the site – then you are definitely interested in the user and he is ready to make a deposit, so the site should be convenient and understandable. A person should understand at a glance how to make a deposit and get your bonus.

What are the TOP-approaches to gambling creatives?

When you address a person as “you”, an impression of personalisation is created. Even a sceptical user may be interested in the potential winnings. 

You can show the user that your advert is different from other offers, use various exclusive offers. For example, “win-win lottery”.

Tell the story of the person who won. It is important to illustrate such a creo with an appropriate image to arouse the trust of the user. 

Also work on the creo questions that you ask, and immediately give an answer to them with fluff. 

If you want to segment your audience by gender, you can use more specific gambling creatives. For example, men will be most interested in photos of attractive women next to online gambling winners. Women are more likely to click on a story of a successful housewife who pulled off a big score at a casino.

Now the life of media buyers has become easier because there are a lot of neural networks that help to create creatives. These creatives, unfortunately, come in different ways. What can you tell us about this from your experience? What are the pros and cons of using neural networks?

If we talk about partners, not many people have reached the neural network. But in general, neural nets are a very interesting thing, they give you top options, but it is important to properly explain to the neural network what you need, to make a good task. If you work with them – you will spend a lot of time only at the beginning, making tasks and promos. Then you can just change individual words in the ready promos, for example, for different countries. Normal variants, in my experience, are produced by Midjourney neuronics. 

Since neural networks reduce the time for preparing an advertising campaign very much, write to your manager and he will send you a list of neural networks that we have tested. This is a list of 5 neural nets, with descriptions of what each can do. 

What devices are gambling creatives created for? What are the differences between devices?

Less than half of players access online casino sites from desktop devices. These ratios fluctuate from country to country. When developing creatives for traffic arbitrage this should be taken into account, you should realise that the vast majority of people sit from their phones. 

What is the average adequate price for creating a creative?

The price depends very much on what kind of creative it is – video, static, creation from scratch, redesign. 

We make creatives for our partners absolutely free of charge. We have a staff of designers who work with static and motion. Write to your manager that you need a creative for a certain offer. If we already have it – we will send it right away (free of charge – we accept payment with quality traffic). If you have wishes on creatives – you can use our creo FB beta version in the affiliate, write tasks for the designer, and he will immediately take it to work.

What’s the difference between static and video? What gets better engagement?

Different creatives come to different GEOs. Static converts as well as video, but video is more complicated. You need it to be short and catchy from the first second.

In general, test it. Videos often give better results, but there are situations when videos don’t work at all, and you can’t predict that. Videos convert well on Tier 1, we get good static, but videos with beautiful girls playing and winning get the best results in Ukraine. 

Tier 2 in most cases goes static – description of bonuses, flag, bright backgrounds, highlighting text, happy people, slots, etc. 

What neural network do you recommend?

Write to the manager and he will send you a list of neural nets that can be used. Unfortunately, we don’t guarantee that it will work, but we can show you what we used, what we got, and you can analyse it yourself and choose what will work best. 

At the same time, neural networks are not so advanced yet and are not able to create such cool creativity as our designers. 

How to make quality tasks?

To do quality tasks you need to look at spy-services, what people are pouring in now, and assess the situation on the market. Also take into account what attracts you, attracts your attention, get acquainted with the features of the country, its culture, economic situation – take into account the average salary and income level, perhaps some outstanding events, for example, in sports. All this fits into the task.

In general, it’s all constant analysis, monitoring the market, other creatives, improving what exists.

What kind of creos are best converted to Kazakhstan? 

Standard – money receipts, messages from the bank. Pay attention to the fact that it should be a local bank and the currency tenge. Anything else – will worsen the envelope. 

Also in Kazakhstan there are Lotomatic – similar to the slots that stood in our shops in childhood. They can also be used.

Also on the creo use images of people of Kazakh appearance, you can add a flag.

By the way, in our experience, statistics on Kazakhstan are much better. Video news – when the creative begins with a news release, and the news tells how some Kazakh won money.  

What kind of creos convert on CIS?

On a previous stream I talked about how our players are chasing money, not like Tier 1 players come to enjoy the casino. It comes in when there is a lot of money, winning, bright emotions, pretty girls, even live creatives – you can ask a girl you know to spin the slots in familiar conditions and film it.

What’s the best length for video creatives?

But I advise you to avoid quick scene changes – this can trigger Facebook and Google. You need to show that it’s really a casino, how the slots are spinning or the slots are erased and the money underneath, then you can add more vivid emotions.

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