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ROI 47% on Tier 2. It’s Portugal, baby!

Portugal is one of the European countries that is a Tier 2 GEO. Not the richest, but comfortable enough to live in.

For media buyers, Portugal is interesting because all establishments related to gambling and betting are legalised. Accordingly, the Portuguese are accustomed to these areas and they are very willing to spin slots.

Today we are going to tell you about how we cast the Leon Casino | Spin Wheel offer on Portugal.


Vertical: gambling

Offer: Leon Casino | Spin Wheel | Android / IOS

Geo: Portugal

Platform: Facebook apps

Test period: 01.04-30.04

Cost: $11,239

Revenue: $16,574

Profit: $5,335

ROI: 47%

Case statistics:

Choice of GEO:

Portugal is a country where people value their leisure time and time to relax. 

What is online gaming to the Portuguese? The country’s residents are on “relaxation” most of the time, so casinos are another legitimate way for them to relax. 

Online casinos offer Portuguese people the opportunity to experience a world of excitement and opportunity without leaving the comfort of their homes. A variety of gambling games can be enjoyed here, ranging from classic slots to live games with real dealers. Regardless of preferences, everyone will find something to their liking here.

And the ROI of 47% is a result that personally invigorates and pleases us!

Choice of an offer:

We decided to take Leon Casino as an offer, which has a whole collection of more than 3,000 unique slot games that can satisfy the taste and preference of players. So, choosing an offer was a deliberate move.

Traffic Source:

We made a strategic decision to actively use Facebook Apps as one of the main traffic sources for our advertising campaign. In short, why all this officialism, we poured over the classic FB apps. Well, we love them, what can we do.

Process of creative selection:

We used video creatives, where the main idea was to use the colour palette of the Portuguese national flag in all video creatives. These are red and green colours that create a sense of unity and reinforce citizens’ pride in their country.

The most common objects in video creatives, as you can see, are slots. The use of slots in videos enhances the gaming aspect and entertains viewers by offering them an emotional experience.

An example of a video creative:

How were the ad campaigns set up?


We used WWA apps to launch our campaign. Here are some key parameters for this campaign:

Install2reg: 3.5k1

Reg2dep: 6k1

Placement: Facebook for devices running Android version 10 and above. 

Target Audience: we focused on men between the ages of 22 and 50. 

These parameters allowed us to optimise our ad campaign and achieve high user conversion.


In Portugal, gambling is an enjoyable pastime and for a webmaster, Portugal is a great GEO. The results of the Leon Casino | Spin Wheel offer prove it once again.

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