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Hot Turkey: 42 is not an air temperature, but an ROI!

For media buyers, Turkey is not a beach and all-inclusive hotels, but a very interesting and promising GEO. 

Today we will show a summer case study with RexBet’s RexBet offer casting through Facebook apps. 


Vertical: gambling

Offer: RexBet | Android / IOS

Geo: Turkey

Platform: Facebook apps

Test period: 01.07-31.07

Costs: $17 819

Revenue: $25 455

Profit: $7 637

ROI: 42%

Case statistics:

Choice of GEO:

There are over 80 million people living in Turkey and their ability to pay is growing. People in Turkey increasingly prefer to spend their free time online, which means that the average Turk is spending more and more time online, mostly on online shopping and gaming.

The latter, namely the gambling potential of Turkey interests us the most. After all, both Turks and casinos have a potential for development. All this is due to the availability of the internet and the high interest of this sphere.

Choice of an offer:

Online casinos are one of the most promising areas for Turkey. Turks not only play and click on adverts, but even look for gaming opportunities themselves (as evidenced by search engine queries). With such activity, it is quite easy to find your lead. That’s why we didn’t think long and took what has always been relevant for us, namely RexBet.

Traffic source:

Every day from Turkey, more than a million users visit local and international Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. For this offer we chose Facebook apps and we didn’t miss out as you could see from the statistic we showed above.

Process of creative selection:

For Turkey, we decided to make all creatives in the form of videos, and all because of a few nuances. 

The first thing we emphasised to the leads was local culture and authenticity, including local music and the image of a Turkish lyre. In this way we showed respect for the cultural specificities of the country.

In general, the use of local music and authentic elements of local culture can help to create an emotional connection with the audience, making the ad campaign more memorable and appealing.

We also used the easy win effect to target the very leads who are looking for ways to improve their financial situation without a lot of effort.

Here is an example of a video creative where we used a slot game:


How were the ad campaigns set up?

The team used WWA apps. And the conversion figures are roughly like this: 

Install2reg: 3.7k1 

Reg2dep 7k1. 

Placement: Facebook on Android 8+.

As for the target audience, our team chose a wide range of age categories, covering only men between the ages of 25 and 58. And of course a wide audience among this group of users, to achieve more reach and interest in their app among this target audience.


The Turkish summer was hot! ROI 42% and another confirmation that Turkey remains a top gambling destination. So if you are looking for a reliable and promising gambling bay destination, Turkey is the place where your ad campaign can thrive in the sunshine and on the waves of luck.

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