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Gambling case. How to go from $5,860 to $9,936+ on Brazil

Hi everyone, today with us, the One Partners team, we’re going to break down one of our spring cases that was launched on the FB feed for Android owners (here’s a little spoiler like this before we get started).


Vertical: gambling
Offer: BetBoom Casino
Geo: Brazil
Platform: Facebook apps
Test period: 01.04-30.04
Cost: 5 860$
Revenue: 9 936$+

Case statistics:

Choice of GEO:

The most important question is: why did we choose Brazil?

We associate Brazil with things like carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, football. Right?

For us, Brazilians are a footballing and very patriotic nation. They are passionate about football and display a high level of patriotism. The colours of Brazil’s national flag (yellow, green and blue) are widely used in the country and this is reflected in the creation of various symbols and logos. This nation cheers for the national football team with great enthusiasm and feels admiration towards famous football stars from their native lands, namely we are talking about Neymar or Ronaldinho. Brazilians also have a great interest and trust in media football personalities. So we conclude that the interest in gambling among the population is quite high. Therefore, you can understand what they love and what they aspire to.

Choice of an offer:

As an offer we decided to take a proven bookmaker BetBoom Casino, which by the way, covers most of the CIS countries and has a convenient website. Therefore, it was decided to choose this offer, because BetBoom Casino specialises in Latin American countries, which of course includes our chosen GEO – Brazil.

Traffic source:

In general, the famous Facebook platform, which everyone knows and uses so well, was chosen for this offer. Therefore, our playset was a Facebook feed. We decided to run it exclusively on Android, which had version 10 and above.

Process of creative selection:

Now let’s look at the prettiest part, other than the metrics themselves, and that’s the creative. In the bays we used mostly creos with bonuses and slots. 

But about the colour, here it was all tied to the GEO itself. Meaning?

As we can see in the example below, the creo is made in green colours, just like the flag of the country, which has the main colour – green. It was chosen to hook the lead on a subconscious level, in the manifestation of their own patriotism (here we can remember from the section “Choose of a GEO” – “they are passionate about football and show a high level of patriotism”).

Creo static, green colour and bonuses:

Example of video creative, on it we used gameplay with slots:

How did you set up the ad campaigns?

We used WWA apps mostly.

About consumables: we launched from high-limit accounts and BMs 250 and unlimited accounts. But also from farms + auto registrations. On average installs were on +-1$.

Regarding the selected target audience, we chose a male audience aged 29 and above. It should be noted that exclusively men. 


As a result, we have that Brazil is an interesting and profitable GEO, where you can earn excellent money. Our advice to you – don’t be afraid to test offers or GEOs, you can find your own approach to each offer, the main thing is desire).




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