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Bonjour, profit! Gambling case from France

France is our favourite Tier 1, complex and beautiful. Yes, there is a lot of competition, but the truth is that France, like everywhere else, needs its own approach.

We know for sure that a country with a population of over 65 million and very solvent people has its own audience.

We present to the attention of monsieurs and madams gambling offer WildDice | Reg Form, which we successfully poured in April this year. 


Vertical: gambling

Offer: WildDice | Reg Form | Android / IOS

Geo: France

Platform: Facebook apps

Test period: 01.04-30.04

Cost: $9 560

Revenue: $13,517

Profit: $3,957

ROI: 41%


Case statistics:


Choice of GEO:

Do the French play? Oh-la-la-la, they do, and how! 


Games of chance and gambling entertainment are very popular among the French. Online casinos provide a great opportunity to enjoy the excitement from the comfort of your home or hotel. It has become so popular that according to some reports, around 50% of the French population visit online casinos from time to time. This can be a simple way to have fun and pass the time, or it can be an attempt to try your luck at gambling.


Choice of an offer:

We decided to take a proven option, and left the experiments for later. So meet us WildDice | Reg Form. It didn’t come in, but hit the ground running, which is what we needed to prove. 

Traffic source:

As far as the traffic source is concerned, Facebook, like most of the world, is leading the way here, which determined the choice of source. This social platform has a huge influence and reach, which makes it an ideal channel for promotion. Traffic is launching perfectly, the main thing is that it doesn’t storm)

Process of creative selection:

For France, we decided to use only video creatives and no more. So let’s go over the main points of the video. 


For example, the French will appreciate it if people in the video look like their neighbours. After all, the use of such a technique in creatives can create a sense of cultural proximity and recognisability. Accordingly, in this way it can cause positive associations with the target audience and make the ad campaign more attractive.

Also the information space of France is saturated with various events and news. So we decided, why not make a creative in the form of news. And as you can see, it was the right decision.

An example of video creative:

How were the ad campaigns set up?

For a successful campaign, our team chose to drive traffic to Facebook on Android 9+ using WWA apps. In terms of conversions, we had roughly these numbers:

Install2reg: 3k1

Reg2dep 8k1

Overall, our ad campaign targeted a broad audience of exclusively males between the ages of 29 and 55.


If you’re ready to take Tier 1 by storm, look to France. Here you’ll find a unique combination of a mentality familiar from the movies and a high European ability to pay. It’s the perfect combination that will not only help you successfully penetrate the market, but also significantly increase your income!

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